Boot Facts - The more you know..... the better we look.

Mercedes Boots have long been famous for their quality leathers, incredible fit and unsurpassed durability. They are often copied, but never duplicated.

Custom made or hand made - the difference.

Custom made boots are MADE TO MEASURE. A last is built to match the measurements of the customers' feet, as well as their selection of toe style.

Custom boots are one of a kind. Determined by customers selection of leathers, colors, styles of toes, heel, top scallops, heights, soles and embelishments. The extras are what set the custom boots apart, as well as the custom fit. Brands, initials and logos adorn these boots, from short to tall, from smooth leathers to exotic textures, each pair truly unique.
A handmade boot is made by the same exacting procedures and quality leathers, but built in standard sizes and widths.

Mercedes Boot Company has been hand crafting custom boots since 1975. Selling direct to the customer since 1989, has enabled us to meet our customers needs and establish lasting relationships.

Custom measuring for your boots assures a proper fit. Holding your foot in place by keeping the bulk of your weight on the heel and leveling out of the ball of the foot keeps your skeletal frame in alignment, which reduces foot, knee and back pain and allows you to wear boots all day long in comfort.

You have now been informed, enlightened and educated on the big difference between handmade boots and custom made boots.

There are a number of reputable, quality boot makers, making boots by hand.

DO NOT SETTLE FOR: Foreign made, Machine Built, or Cheap imitations.
REMEMBER: If it doesn't say MERCEDES, Don't put your foot in it!