Mercedes Boot Co offers many styles of leather choices to make your perfect boot!
    • WATER-REPELLANT COWHIDE: Heavy 5 ˝ oz. oil tanned cowhide. This leather is excellent for all work environments. The water-repellant treatment goes all through the leather to keep your feet dry, whether you’re in the barn or in the elements. Available in earth tone colors.
    • MEDIUM WEIGHT COWHIDE: This is softer, slightly lighter weight leather. It has a finer finish and can be used either slick side out or rough out. This is a more supply leather, wider range of colors and well suited for a variety of applications, and really good for smaller feet.
    • CALF SKIN: The standard in boot making. Great all around leather, available in a wide spectrum of colors and textures.
    • FRENCH CALF: Heavier, waxy finish. More durable than regular tanned calf skin and polishes to a high gloss finish.
    • COWHIDE: Large hides with slight texture, which will pull smooth in boot making. Softer and more pliable than bull hide and available in earth tones and fashion colors. Can be used slick or rough out or a combination of the two.
    • BULL HIDE: Shrunken shoulder or Taurus. Heavier weight leather with lots of texture. Suitable for work or dress. Good range of color choices.
    • CARIBOU: Evenly textured leather suitable for work or dress. Spurs are not a problem for this "tuffy". Available in earth tones.
    • ELEPHANT: Extremely durable leather that offers a wide range of textures from the smooth ears to the heavily veined panels. Regardless of the texture desired, the characteristics of the leather are stable. Available in mostly earth tones with some fashion colors. Custom colors are available by special order.
    • KANGAROO: The standard in buttery softness, with more tensile strength than calf. Other uses: bull whips and athletic shoes.
    • KIDDE SKIN: This makes for a casual boot and comes in all colors, including metallics.
    • WATER BUFFALO: Smooth with just a little grain. A dense leather which will stand up to work environments and also makes a great dress boot. Aneline finish and generous color palette make this an excellent choice.
    • SHARK: An industry standard in durability and texture. This new tannage now makes for a more supple leather, that will not dry out easily but maintains the deep texture that shark is know for. May also be used for heel counter on softer leathers for those wearing spurs. Available in black and brown only.
    • STINGRAY: (Samples) Uniquely textured bead pattern with a central large pearl in the center of the back. Also available in the sanded or buffed. These are a little more supple, but the colors are less opaque. Not much give in this leather, so do not expect them to stretch or give very much at all. Large variety of colors, both in earth tones and fashion colors.
    • WILD BOAR: Light weight yet durable and slightly porous. Suitable for work, every day and casual dress. Will take spurs without a problem. Limited color availability.
    • LIZARD: (Samples) We use only Teju and Ring lizards that are large enough to cut single piece vamps. We never splice our lizard boots. This allows for a more durable and more attractive boot. These can be either back or belly cuts. Large color selections.
    • OSTRICH:
      • FULL QUILL OSTRICH: (Samples) This is the center cut of the back hide and the premier leather for custom boots. With over 50 colors to choose from, in addition to the NEW pearlized finishes in the fashion colors. This is an outstanding leather and boots made from ostrich should expect to last in excess of 10 to 15 years, with minimum care. This does not include the soles.
      • SMOOTH OSTRICH: Cut from the belly, down the thigh, flank and shoulder of the ostrich. Same great qualities that make ostrich such a unique blend of suppleness and toughness. Available in all the colors of full quill.
      • OSTRICH LEG: (Samples) This is the toughest part of the ostrich hide. It is the only skin that we splice together, as it requires 5 to 6 skins, depending on the size of he skins and the size of the boot. Incredibly good looking and tough to boot. Great for everyday wear or dress. Earth tones and fashion colors on availability.
    • AMERICAN ALLIGATOR: (Samples) The premier standard in classic custom boot elegance. he classic or belly cut is a high gloss finish and may be cut either straight on two smaller matched skins, or from a larger skin the cut would be diagonal on the tile pattern. Tannage options: Semi-gloss finish, sueded finish, and the garment tannage. This is the softest, most supply finish in all the reptiles. Semi-gloss finish which will polish to as high a sheen as desired.
    • HORNED BACK ALLIGATOR: These are made from 2 matched skins. Not only does the tile pattern need to match, but the color and horn height. This is a leather that will stand up to almost anything, then clean up for dress. This cut straight on the back, but may also include cutting forward, toward the head for the largest selection of horns to go on the toe of the boot.
    • CAIMEN ALLIGATOR: (Samples) These skins have more texture than the fresh water American Alligators, whether you're interested in the belly or the back cut. Backs must be cut straight, while you can also use the tails. This does require piecing the vamps together as the tails are not wide enough to cut them from a single hide.. Belly cuts can be either cut straight or on the diagonal.
    • NILE CROCODILE: These skins very closely resemble the American Alligator. Since these are salt water and wild, these skins generally run considerably larger than the farm raised alligators. Because of the size of the skins, they are predominately belly cuts, as the horned backs are too large for boot production. Classic tannage with ultra high sheen make the ultimate dress boot that will last for years and years.